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Is the Degrii Smart Thermostat the Only AI That Everyone Can Get Behind?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already become an integral part of our daily lives, from the virtual assistants on our smartphones to the personalized ads we see online. While AI has brought numerous benefits to our lives, such as increased efficiency and convenience, there are also growing concerns about its impact on our privacy, security, and ethics.

One of the biggest concerns over AI use in daily life is the potential loss of privacy. AI-powered devices, such as smart cameras and home assistants, collect vast amounts of data about our behaviors and preferences. This data can be used to create detailed profiles of individuals, which can be sold to advertisers or used for other purposes. Other concerns include the potential for AI to be used for malicious purposes and the potential impact of AI on the job market. 

People tend to have strong opinions both for and against this technology.

However, AI is a powerful technology that has the potential to revolutionize our daily lives. One example is a new Smart Thermostat that uses artificial intelligence to learn your preferences and habits and adjusts the temperature accordingly. The device is equipped with sensors that can detect changes in temperature, humidity, and occupancy, allowing it to make real-time adjustments to your home’s heating and cooling system.

Smart thermostats are increasingly popular among homeowners who want to save energy and money. AI-powered smart thermostats take this technology to the next level, offering even greater energy-saving benefits. Have we just identified one use for AI that everyone can agree on? Let’s find out.

Degrii, a California based intelligent technologies company focused on sustainability and consumer comfort, has just announced the release of its new Degrii Smart Thermostat in the U.S. market. Founded by scientists and engineers, Degrii’s data-driven models aim to calculate the most efficient energy output needed to straddle the crossroads of global sustainability, consumer comfort, and reduction of energy expenses.

  1. Global Sustainability is rarely disputed (though the exact method is also rarely agreed upon).
  2. Humans tend to covet comfort very highly (respectfully barring certain austere traditions)
  3. I cannot summon a single example of a case to waste money unnecessarily

The case for all camps accepting a fiscally conscious, compassionate, green entity is looking very good so far. Let’s see what more Degrii has to offer.

We designed the Degrii Smart Thermostat to truly offer consumers comfort in every corner of their world while also allowing them to understand their energy patterns and save money,” says Fei Zhao, Founder and CEO of Degrii.

Getting Started

Degrii provides an easy 15-minute setup tutorial with the AI support wizard from its proprietary app. This step-by-step installation guide is designed to get the main thermostat panel working with little technical expertise. No immediate red flags that could lead to dissent from any affiliates.

AI Built-In

Once the initial setup is complete, your new AI app pal moves from assistant to student as it learns your preferred heating and cooling preferences. This data will allow the thermostat to offer predictive efficiency suggestions and custom tips to create a more comfortable environment with less energy consumption and expense. 

Data is gathered. Yes. Are we losing anyone yet?

Under the Hood

The Degrii Smart Thermostat boasts a user-friendly main panel and wireless remote thermostat options with built-in sensors. 

Both WIFI and Bluetooth connections are available for your preference or necessity. 

For smart tech, even its analog HVAC compatibility includes often overlooked options, such as two-wire systems.

The Remote Thermostat offers passive infrared (PIR) motion detection that regulates usage in uninhabited HVAC zones. The prioritization of temperature control to occupied zones is intended to reduce energy misuse in vacant rooms.

We’re still moving in the same sphere of data collection within a sandboxed local network.  

Keep following.

Optional Add-ons

The previously mentioned, Remote Thermostat unit, is sold separately but will ideally pay for itself in savings. It offers motion detection and a large display that shows temperature, humidity, battery life and Bluetooth connectivity. 

The Remote Thermostat has the physical “up and down buttons” to quickly change temp without opening the app or walking back to the main smart panel. Up to 12 Remote Thermostats can be connected at a time.

Bonus Round

Aside from real-time temperature regulation, the real machine learning is in the editable algorithms. Here the “evasiveness” or intelligence will reach its maximum levels, so hunker down if your camp reaches for its flag.

  1. Savings Goal: Degrii Smart Thermostat offers a Savings Goal feature that automatically recommends scheduled settings based on user location and preferences.
  2. Customized Tips: This advanced thermostat function uses environmental and HVAC operations data to deliver customized energy-saving tips that assist users in minimizing energy waste.
  3. Geofencing: The Degrii Smart Thermostat leverages advanced geofencing technology to detect when occupants are away from home and automatically minimizes energy consumption for the vacant space.

“Together, these features ensure users can enjoy the highest level of energy efficiency, cost savings and environmental sustainability possible, added Zhao.

Final Score

The Degrii Smart Thermostat was actively intuitive in learning my preferences. The motion sensors learned my scheduled movements and facilitated a comfortable arrival temperature. The Degrii Smart Thermostat kept me comfortable, together we helped the planet, and I saved about 30% on my utility expenses! 

I don’t know if the Degrii Smart Thermostat ends the overall AI debate. But if an AI smart thermostat helps save money, the planet, and human anxiety then I’ll call this one of the good ones. 

About Degrii

Founded by scientists and engineers, Degrii provides data-driven products for global sustainability. More than 300,000 users worldwide use the intelligent technology designed by award-winning designers. Degrii seeks constant innovations to share and promote an integrated low-carbon future. The new Smart Thermostat and the Remote Thermostat are just two of several smart home products in development. The company is actively working on new products utilizing intelligent robots and data-driven approaches.

Additional information about the Degrii Smart Thermostat and future developments can be found on www.degrii.com.