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ProofNoMore To Exhibit at Bar Convent Brooklyn 2023


ProofNoMore – The premier marketplace for non-alcoholic craft beverages

New York, NY – ProofNoMore, a wholesaler and online retailer of non-alcoholic (NA) craft beverages, is preparing to showcase its B2B distribution portfolio at the 2023 Bar Convent Brooklyn (BCB) event on June 14th-15th at Industry City (BOOTH 8A-610).

BCB, an annual trade show and conference for the bar and beverage industry, is an optimum opportunity for ProofNoMore to exhibit its wholesale portfolio to members of the beverage industry, including bartenders, bar owners, beverage directors, beverage manufacturers, distributors, and industry experts.

ProofNoMore will present and exhibit their core wholesale range of craft non-alcoholic beers, such as Sober Carpenter from Canada, Woodland Farms from Maine, and Atmos Brewing from Idaho. From their NA-Wine portfolio, attendees will be able to try Buonafide from Italy and the Leitz range of de-alcoholized wines from Germany. Their Zero-Proof spirit portfolio will also be in full display with Feragaia from Scotland and Seir Hill from the Connecticut. Other functional beverages such as Mockly Mocktails from Louisiana, Clever Mocktails from Canada, Goldies Vitamin infused sparkling water, and WOW’s non-alcoholic mixers are also available for sampling. 

The ProofNoMore team aims to enlighten trade professionals about the positive impact of including adult non-alcoholic (NA) options in their offerings. These options are not detrimental to alcohol sales, but rather contribute to a customer’s beverage tab by providing higher profit margins compared to soda or water. They cater to those who are moderating or abstaining from alcohol but still desire the social experience of “drinking” with friends or co-workers. Additionally, the growing trend of “flex-drinking” – where individuals consume both alcoholic and NA options during the same occasion as part of the overall healthy and wellness movement – further underscores the business benefits of offering NA options.

Lars Dahlhaus, co-founder of ProofNoMore, reveals that as a privately owned and self-funded company, they are actively pursuing an aggressive growth trajectory. Participating in BCB 2023 has the potential to further support their scaling efforts. Dahlhaus states, “Our aim is to achieve nationwide B2B distribution by 2024 through the establishment of multiple regional hubs.” He further adds, “As the largest NA beer marketplace in the US, we anticipate tripling our sales by the end of 2023.”

As co-founder Ed Carino, proudly shares, “We leverage our 30+ years of experience in beverage distribution and brand building to support our supplier partners, helping them thrive with ProofNoMore and beyond. Non-alcoholic craft beverages have become a permanent fixture in the market, as people seek meaningful and delicious drink options without alcohol.”

ProofNoMore, a New York City-based importer and wholesale distributor, was founded in 2021 with a mission to offer customers a better-for-you drinking experience that goes beyond alcohol. With a leadership team committed to fostering inclusivity in the beverage industry, ProofNoMore aims to create an environment where non-alcoholic drinks can thrive. By participating in BCB 2023, ProofNoMore seeks to appeal to customers of all backgrounds, regardless of their drinking habits, taste preferences, or reasons for reducing alcohol consumption.

About ProofNoMore

ProofNoMore.com and its sister ecommerce site, CBDrnk.com, are part of Liquid Ecommerce LLC, collectively serving as online marketplaces offering a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages. These include non-alcoholic beer, NA-wine, zero-proof spirits, mocktails, mixers, and functional drinks like CBD Seltzers and Sparkling Kava. With products available for both retail and wholesale, the company promotes its brands with a focus on fostering mindful drinking as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

For more information, please visit https://www.proofnomore.com and https://www.cbdrnk.com

For information on Bar Convent Brooklyn, visit: www.barconventbrooklyn.comContact:
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