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“All In” The Newest Track from LJ Smooth


LJ Smooth, a rising star in Miami’s music scene is releasing a new song on Friday, March 3rd. Smooth is signed with a record label located in the UK and is also planning to drop a series of singles following the first track “All In” sometime in the near future. Smooth draws his inspiration from artists and musicians such as Michael Jackson, Maxwell, Prince, Trey Songz, Neo and Alicia Keys as well as Vybez Cartel, Beenie Man, WizKid and Burna Boy.

As an entertainer, Smooth has been traveling the world and playing in different capacities throughout his entire life. While growing up in a musical family in the Virgin Islands, LJ started in piano classes and also played drums in church. His father would play Bob Marley and Peter Tosh records at home, which instilled a love for the art at an early age. As a child LJ toured the region in a Steel Pan Band, and developed his skills within different music groups that performed in local events throughout the country.


This new song “All In” has been influenced by popular musicians in the R&B and pop scene, as it hopes to bring a new, fun feel to popular streaming platforms. Based out of Miami, Florida, Smooth is bringing his own unique twist on the Urban Latin vibes and Caribbean feel. 

This song, like many of LJ’s Smooth other songs, is written from a personal experience. It tells the story of romance, in a time where neither party is initially looking for anything serious, though feelings develop on one side.

“She started asking, ‘are you all in?’” Smooth explains. “She started talking about what this relationship could be and how magical it could feel. I wrote this song from her perspective because at the time I didn’t feel I was ready to be a boyfriend but she didn’t care– she felt we had something special and wanted to explore it.” The story is one that is not often explored in upbeat love songs and dancey tunes, giving itself a unique place in the genre in which it finds itself representing. 

As LJ Smooth brings his own flavor to the Miami music scene, he is excited for the growth of his career and any potential collaborations that may come after “All In” launches. Miami has a vibrant music scene that spans a wide range of genres, so Smooth has expressed that it may be time to cross into other areas, bringing new influences to his songs. From the lively Latin influence of reggaeton and salsa to the hip-hop beats of Miami bass, the city’s music scene is always evolving. There are also many popular music festivals that take place in the city each year that LJ Smooth hopes to break into, such as the Ultra Music Festival, Rolling Loud, and III Points. This eclectic music scene has helped to put Miami on the map as a destination for music lovers around the world.

For more information about LJ Smooth and his music, you can find him on youtube, as well his several social media accounts.