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Linda Jasmine Attends Art Basel in Miami: The Givenchy Event


Linda Walker, also known as Linda Jasmine, is pleased to announce her attendance at the Givenchy Event at the Miami Art Basel in December 2022. The actress, model, businesswoman, and self-proclaimed “momager” of two often visits events such as the Art Basel to inspire her social media followers.

The week-long event broadcasts artistic masterpieces from artists of many cultures and is accompanied by lavish parties arranged by fashion, luxury, music, and pop culture brands. Linda Jasmine attended the Givenchy event.

Givenchy, a designer brand recently known and admired for its elegant leather looks and sombre pieces, showed off a brand-new collection during the event. “I already loved Givenchy and own several of their products,” says Jasmine, “It was so enjoyable. I even did a little shopping with my friends.”

At the event, the model, actress, and influencer was invited to sneak a peek at the new Givenchy Spring 2023 collection, which Jasmine remembers being “just fantastic. We sipped custom-made cocktails and walked around, admiring various art pieces and clothing. Some of my favorites were shoes, more shoes, and sparkly shoes!” she said smiling.

“Art Basel was amazing. The Miami Beach Convention Center is a huge glass building with space for exhibits of every genre and style of art. We saw paintings, sculptures, and other mediums by expert and up-and-coming artists. The event was packed, and probably more than 50,000 people showed up. ”

“The Givenchy event had amazing drinks and appetizers. It was a very enjoyable experience for my friends and me.”

“Along with Givenchy, I also attended a Ford Model affair and a few others,” Jasmine says, “which was also fascinating. I’m excited about all the opportunities to come. I am thankful for the support of my family, community, friends, and followers.”

Linda enjoys acting, modeling,and influencing. She runs an Instagram blog, where she posts photos of fashion, lifestyle, and parenting. Linda studied acting at The Actors Loft in Michigan. Her hobbies include singing, photography, drawing, roller skating, and being a “momager” to her sons, whose careers are also beginning to broaden.

To learn more, email [email protected] and follow Linda on Instagram.