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Topshelf Brand Co: Designer Style Streetwear Ready to Wear & Luxury Car Giveaways! 


Luxury Car Giveaways? 

With Topshelf Brand Co. you get the best of both worlds: High-end fashion for unbeatable prices and the opportunity to win luxury vehicles along with hefty cash prizes. At this moment, Topshelf Brand Co. is offering a custom BMW along with a $10,000 cash prize to the winner of their giveaway. Every dollar spent at their online store translates to fifty entries in their current giveaway. This means that online shoppers can purchase high-end fashion for great prices while also setting themselves up to potentially win a luxury vehicle.

Are the Clothes High-Quality?

What’s startling about Topshelf Brand Co’s BMW and $10,000 offering is that their products don’t really require such promotions to sell. Topshelf Brand Co’s products are made with the most high quality material (99% of the brand’s catalog is organic cotton) for unparalleled comfortability. These garments are then fitted with extremely close attention to detail, the garments sewn together by professional seamstresses to achieve the perfect fit. Additionally, Topshelf Brand Co’s catalog is designed specifically for the non-specific—their catalog is equally suited to exploring the nightlife in a city, going on a hike by a river gorge, or staying at home and putting on a favorite show. Topshelf Brand Co’s clothing is designed for the adventurer, the risk-taker, the car fanatic, the incurable homebody, and anyone else who appreciates high fashion with practical value. 

What Are the Designs Like? 

Topshelf Brand Co. strives for a kind of quality that approaches the universal in its applicability. For this reason, designs in the Topshelf Brand Co. catalog are typically minimalistic, at most featuring the brand’s logo and name abbreviated: ‘tbc.’ The company takes this minimalistic approach for two reasons:

1) to allow the high-quality garments and craftsmanship to speak for themselves.

2) to forge a negative space, drawing one’s attention to the person wearing the clothes, so that their best features are brought out by the professionally designed clothing line and just the right fit. 

The company owner and lead designer, Christopher Owen, explains his approach to fashion and design: “I believe the amount of expression through design one can gain from observing the world is limitless, and as such each piece has a direct correlation to life and what surrounds us.”

No piece of clothing is designed in a vacuum. Clothes are not created merely to be displayed–they must be in active conversation with both the person wearing them and the world around them. Partially for this reason, the company has described its aesthetic as “designer street style,” reflecting its ambition to serve as high fashion in more quotidian realms. 

What Products are Offered?

Topshelf Brand Co. offers T-shirts both in oversized and slim fit, as well as shorts in both French terry cotton and premium jersey cotton, both of which are organic. Sweatpants are also crafted from organic cotton, in both French terry cotton and cotton fleece. Topshelf Brand Co’s hoodies are sold in oversized heavyweight fits and premium regular fits. 

What are the Company’s Values?

In addition to Topshelf Brand Co’s aim to best accentuate the features of their customers, and to bring out the best in them, the company endeavors to bring out the best in this world. Topshelf Brand Co. commits to environmentally sustainable practices, and only partners with suppliers who are mindful of environmental issues. The company supports cruelty-free manufacturing processes (including cruelty-free dyes) and strives for fairness at every stage of the process, from the sourcing of materials to the later production stages. Part of the company’s site is dedicated to collecting donations for autism charities, to support autism research and to raise awareness about autism. Christopher Owen explains: “The vision for the brand is to enrich more than a brand, but a mentality. It means to always strive for the best version of yourself, and to never settle for just good enough!”