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Huriia Reaching for Top of Global Umbrella Industry


The global umbrella market is forecast to reach a value of over $7 billion USD by 2025. The industry is thriving even in a post-pandemic world, as people have downsized their possessions to the essentials. A multi-purpose product like a high-quality umbrella has a variety of uses, as it protects from both rain and sun. Travelers avoid getting soaked as well as getting sunburned. The segment of the umbrella industry growing the most is smaller foldable umbrellas, as they are more versatile and can be easily stored just about anywhere.

As the world carefully considers its consumption of various products, the ones that solve widespread problems are doing the best in the market. Consumers across the globe spend billions on travel; Americans alone spent nearly $200 billion during the summer of 2022, which is the highest ever. The average household spent over $2,600 on a vacation over the summer. As the pandemic has become a thing of the past, travel has jumped up and the industry saw an increase of 229% from 2020, and a massive 91% increase from 2019.

With so many people on the go post-pandemic, enjoying seeing the beauty of the world after spending time locked down in quarantine, the demand for travel accessories has gone up as well – like the umbrella market, among others. Travelers have always loved gadgets that make their lives easier, and only one product combines new innovation with solving an age-old problem: trying to juggle a cumbersome umbrella while dragging luggage, food and drink, phones, camera, even children.

All travelers love documenting their adventures by taking pictures, but it’s extremely difficult to capture the perfect photograph with an umbrella in one hand. It’s either try to hold the umbrella between your neck and shoulder or ditch the umbrella altogether and get drenched – while putting your phone or camera at risk of water damage.

Now there is an answer: Huriia. This premium product is the first wearable umbrella holder, designed to set the traveler free and allow them to experience the wet and wonderful world. The Huriia wearable umbrella holder allows people to enjoy life hands-free. 

Some of the world’s most beautiful places are also the world’s rainiest places – Rome, Ireland, Switzerland – and the unique features of each locale draw in millions of travelers yearly, despite the downpour. Many travelers find themselves without the much-needed protection of an umbrella when they arrive at their destination, and so end up purchasing low-quality products upon their arrival. Not only are standard umbrellas bulky to juggle along with luggage, phones, and cameras, but these destination purchases are often cheap products that break, leak, and are often sold for astronomical costs at airports and tourist attractions.

With Huriia, tourists can purchase a travel-friendly, long-lasting, quality product, stay dry, and keep their hands free while they enjoy the sparkling waterfalls of Hawaii or the historic grandeur of Germany.


This need was identified by Huriia’s founder, Dr. Humeira S. Ahmed, a doctor of pharmacy living in northern California. During her time earning her doctorate at Creighton University, and ever since, Dr. Ahmed has had a passion for world travel. During her time spent traveling the world, seeking the most uplifting and transformative experiences, Dr. Ahmed noticed that in the rain, she continually ran into the frustrations of trying to live one-handed.

Dr. Ahmed first envisioned Huriia one rainy day while visiting the Japanese gardens in Portland. Any photographer will testify that sometimes rainy days are the best time for taking photographs, as the sunlight is gently diffused through the clouds. Dr. Ahmed was dazzled by the vibrant beauty all around her, and she began taking pictures at every turn. But she constantly had to wrestle with her umbrella, or else risk damaging her camera. “And just like that,” she recalls, “the idea for an elegant wearable umbrella holder sparked up like a light-bulb in my head.That’s when I decided to change the umbrella industry forever.”

That misty day in the gardens culminated in the launch of her company Huriia. Dr. Ahmed applied her educated and creative mind to solving the problem and came up with a solution: a novel invention that would forever change the way the world carried umbrellas. Her unconventional way of thinking led her to a unique viewpoint when she encountered her frustrations and she decided to make everyone’s lives easier.

The Huriia family of products includes the unique umbrella holder, UV umbrellas, and extra straps to allow a customized fit. The holders can accommodate any umbrella with a standard (10 mm) pole, but Huriia’s own premium lightweight umbrellas feature UV protection and are designed to work seamlessly with the Huriia holder. The hands-free holder is portable and lightweight, flexes and contracts to fit securely over the wearer’s body, and adjusts to the individual’s body with use. It has a non-slip rubber lining to keep it in place and comes with two lengths of optional straps for added security in the fit.

Travelers across the world are excited to break free from the confines of quarantine and see exotic new places. In 2021, in the US alone, travelers spent $9.5 billion USD just on travel and sports bags – people are ready to go, and they are willing to spend the money to do so, after spending months and months stuck at home. The Huriia umbrella holder is minimalist and elegant, and was born from a brilliant mind immersed in the love of travel.

The word Huriia means “freedom” in Arabic, and is indeed designed to set the traveler free – free to enjoy the world in all its beauty and wonder.

Website: https://huriia.com/
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