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LeadLocate Offers Best-in-Class Automotive Finance Leads in the United States


LOS ANGELES, California – All-in-one automotive lead generation software and CRM platform LeadLocate is expanding to include boat and RV sales. LeadLocate is one of a few companies that does not require long-term contracts or integration with the current software at the dealership. The company is growing exponentially and hoping to dominate the automotive software space as the consumer car buying process is transformed in the age of e-commerce

LeadLocate Streamlines Sales Leads for Dealerships

LeadLocate employs an all-purpose digital marketing software tool and CRM platform including both active sales lead generation with a CRM platform under a single login. Through the service car dealerships can curate their own sales leads and manage communications in one place. Utilizing technology like DealTracker, TxtNotify, and LiveShopper, LeadLocate offers legitimate leads that are tailored to the dealership’s inventory and rates.

Through the provision of inbound leads, LeadLocate directs dealerships to in-market car shoppers searching for a car similar to those in their inventory with enough to afford regular payments. Drawing upon a well of customer data, requests for vehicles are not VIN-specific and allow dealerships to find something fitting the shopper’s needs. LeadLocate asks prospective buyers the right questions to ensure that they’re a right fit for your dealership before sending out the lead.

As car sales can be incredibly challenging without a decent supply of leads to contact. LeadLocate’s inbound leads are perfect options for car sales professionals who are looking to supplement their existing leads pipeline. Every inbound lead will include the prospective buyer name, contact info, car preferences, and other helpful information to take out the busywork and get you closing deals quickly.

Introducing Services to RV and Boat Dealerships

LeadLocate is currently adapting to expand its services to RV and Boat dealerships. Utilizing the same technology, adapted to RV and Boat sales, LeadLocate would be offering the same comprehensive service, collecting information along with customer preference for the price, make, model, and payment plan options if needed. Sharing this info with the dealerships to ensure they have access to contact with possible buyers, but also providing info on prospective sellers for dealerships with trade-in programs.

Expanding to include boat and RV sales affords LeadLocate a wider client base, building its already rich data systems to match buyers with dealerships and share the proper information with dealers. LeadLocate is also one of a few companies that do not require long-term contracts or integration with the current software at the dealership, allowing clients to try month-to-month instead of being forced to commit annually. LeadLocate is hoping to begin offering its software to RV and Boat dealerships sometime next year.

Supplement Your Sales Lead Pipeline Today

If you are hoping to supplement your existing sales lead pipeline at your dealership, increase sales, and find more customer success. By offering sales leads both inbound and prospective for dealerships that may deal in trade-ins or used cars, LeadLocate can benefit dealerships of any type and size. It’s obvious why so many dealerships have employed LeadLocate’s software in their more than five years of service. Contact LeadLocate and find the right plan for you today.

LeadLocate was founded in 2016 with the goal of simplifying the car sales lead generation process for individual car salespeople and dealerships. The traditional automotive lead generation process includes implementing multiple advertising sources, CRM software, DMS software, and many other elements that make the process cumbersome and difficult to manage. With LeadLocate, you can sign up today and start receiving quality car sales leads within 24-48 hours. We provide you will all the software and marketing in one platform. All you have to do is talk to potential buyers.

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