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With Solve My Sales Tax, Premature Graying Is No Longer a Threat


American consumers are well-versed in that pesky percentage that gets added to most of their purchases: the sales tax. It’s safe to say that most barely notice it. However, as relatively inconsequential as it is to shoppers, it has big ramifications for companies, who must pay careful attention to it so that they stay sales-tax compliant. “It is very important for businesses because if they don’t pay the appropriate sales tax, they risk additional penalties that can eat into their revenue,” says Charli Harrell, the CEO and Founder of Solve My Sales Tax, LLC. “Yet, how are they supposed to accurately navigate the regulations for over 12,000 sales tax jurisdictions? Doing so is very time-consuming and stressful, so I established Solve My Sales Tax to make life a lot easier for businesses.”

You might think it’s rare that someone loves all things sales tax. Charli cheerfully admits she’s a little unusual that way. “I’m a numbers person, and the more details there are, the happier I am,” she explains. “I’ve got more than six years of sales tax experience, and what stresses out other people – sales tax regulations – makes me energized.”

In creating Solve My Sales Tax, Charli had one main goal: to be useful. She knew that understanding the fine print in the United States sales tax system would mean the difference between staying compliant and receiving a fine, so she analyzed the market and created solutions for the most common problems. 

“A lot of clients struggled with understanding when they had triggered a sales tax nexus,” she says, “so we created our Nexus Analysis to solve this problem. With it, businesses can better understand their sales data and business activity. We have become very good at registering businesses for sales tax in the right jurisdiction, which for most people is a big reason why they take so much Tylenol.”

Solve My Sales Tax also routinely sets up an entire streamlined system with the software of its clients’ choice that connects to their POS system and simplifies/automates sales tax compliance. 

“It’s all designed to free owners from the aggravation of sales tax compliance so that they can concentrate on running their companies,” says Charli. “They can leave those pesky sales tax details to us.”

Recently, Solve My Sales Tax introduced “One Simple Monthly Price,” which packages the company’s services into easy-to-understand price structures. Charli reveals that this has been very popular, especially with businesses that in the past struggled to forecast how much they would need to spend on sales tax.

“We got rid of the old hourly billing structure, which was ambiguous and hampered companies’ efforts to create accurate budgets,” she states. “Now we have one simple monthly price that our clients can depend on, and that has been very helpful for them.”

She gives an example of a simple price structure that is popular with small businesses. For clients who need sales tax filings in three states and do not use a sales tax software, Solve My Sales Tax charges $375 for three filings and $400 for two hours of consulting each month. 

“It also includes free Notice Management and Monthly Nexus Analysis, for a total of $775/month,” she says. “It is one simple monthly price that companies can rely on.”

For companies who wonder about the value of outsourcing their sales tax needs, the average amount that small emerging businesses spend on sales tax compliance is $11,000 each month.

“That is a sizable chunk out of their revenue, but it’s even worse for small-to-mid-sized businesses: $17,000,” says Charli. “Think about how much you have to pay a sales tax accountant. How would you like to save about half of that by outsourcing to us and using sales tax automation software? That’s money you can invest back into your company and grow even further.”

As the United States’ sales tax regulations are legendary, Solve My Sales Tax sees clients from around the world. “It’s one of the benefits of working remotely,” Charli believes. “We can easily pivot and meet the needs of our clients, including accounting firms that use us on a white-label basis. Solve My Sales Tax is very adaptable.”

For those who are still going product by product, trying to understand the sales tax regulations for each one, Charli invites them to put aside their pens, close their software, and turn it all over to Solve My Sales Tax. “Let us handle those little details about sales tax,” she says. “You can then focus on using your time and money to grow your company into an even bigger success.” 

Solve My Sales Tax, founded by CEO Charli Harrell, is helping businesses to navigate the complexities of sales tax in the United States. It specializes in nexus analysis, state registrations, state filings, creation and implementation of streamlined sales tax systems, product taxability determination, notice management and resolution, general sales tax consulting, sales tax for merging and splitting businesses, sales tax audit support, and more.

For more information, please visit https://solvemysalestax.com/.