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Evangeline De Châtillon Manifests Her Clients’ Deepest Desires


There is hope even in today’s turbulent world.

Post-pandemic, many people are still struggling to catch up financially, mentally, and emotionally to where they were before COVID-19 hit, and many are failing. Life has changed drastically, and the new normal isn’t working for everyone.
But Evangeline De Châtillon is offering her clients a new lease on life and the chance to pursue and fulfill their dreams.

Embody Your Highest Potential

De Châtillon is a mentor, life coach, success coach – and expert on manifestation. It’s hard to sum her up with a cliche title because of all the different areas she specializes in. She offers a mentorship program within Eternal Academy, so named because the principles she teaches are intended to last a lifetime. “I empower my clients to succeed my goal is not a return client, but a success story, “she shares. “I help my clients find the keys and tools to create the life they want without continually being dependent upon a mentor or counselor. Instead, I create a community and supportive success network.”

Eternal Academy is a 6-month mentorship program which speaks of De Châtillon’s tenacity and dedication to her client’s successes. She starts by going over fundamental life principles with clients in the first two months of the Eternal Academy, focusing on the power of self-image. Many struggling people fail to realize that one reason for their failures is how they see themselves. When we fail, we see ourselves as less than our potential. De Châtillon teaches that people need to create a worthy ideal in their minds and see themselves in this light. It’s only through creating a positive and uplifted self-image that success can begin.

The initial months of the Eternal Academy also go through the essentials of setting goals in a healthy and achievable way. De Châtillon teaches clients how to step into their purpose and determine the what, why, and how for each goal. It’s not just about wanting things; she teaches; that setting goals is also about determining not just what you want but why you want it and how you will reach that goal. Sometimes this process sheds light on the fact that what you might think you want is playing it safe, and there is a dream buried deep within the recesses of your soul you are yet to unlock.

“ The problem is somewhere along the line; you stopped dreaming and believing because you weren’t Equipment with the tools and blueprint to accomplish the goals at hand.” 

Discover and Overcome Obstacles

De Châtillon reveals that part of why people repeat the same dangerous and toxic cycles is that past trauma continues to be present in the mind and body long after the trauma has ended. She points out that recognizing and dissolving past trauma is the only way to move forward successfully, and part of her mentorship teaches how to do this.

For example, in months three and four in the Eternal Academy, she guides her clients through structuring both life and business for long-term success and how to create teams and environments both at home and at work to make this happen.

She talks about dealing with terror brought on by reliving past trauma. She shares that when you are dealing with trauma, you may find yourself reliving those terrible memories, and that can be an extremely triggering process. However, recovery can be achieved by facing those fears and defeating them, leading to a much richer emotional life.

She explains, “Terror doesn’t just apply to trauma; when we reach for new levels of success, we are always faced with “The terror barrier, it’s egos natural process to keep us within the safety of our comfort zone. I guide my clients through this phase, where most come up against it and are immobilized because they lack the tools to navigate and transcend this newfound territory.”

Another key lesson in months three and four of the Eternal Academy is staying in charge no matter the circumstances. It’s easy to lose control when we are triggered emotionally, but De Châtillon teaches that part of keeping your life in control involves keeping your emotions and thoughts under control. This is why meditation is such a massive part of her life and why she believes strongly in passing along her knowledge and experience with meditation to help her clients succeed.

“We are spiritual beings, having a human experience, so we must create daily rituals and connections to our spirit and intuition. We must cultivate the use of our higher mental faculties that reside within each of us dormant.”

Find Your Passion

The Eternal Academy wraps up with a focus on habits, execution, and embodiment. Success can be defined as a system of beneficial daily habits; for De Châtillon, those include meditation, studying daily, physical exercise, and a healthy diet. The academy offers continued personal in-depth mentorship and review of prior course materials, customized upon clients’ individual needs.

Throughout the academy, clients enjoy a twice-weekly open forum question and answer session, a private Facebook group only for participants, and access to De Châtillon for in-depth guidance. The program offers self-paced lessons and worksheets that participants can complete when it works best for them. And, as it’s an actual course that demands that real work is put into it, the academy wraps up with practicum activities so that clients can demonstrate – to themselves – their own understanding of the materials and their new ability to apply the principles in real life.

Ultimately, De Châtillon’s goal is to help her clients find their true passion in life, as she has found hers: “Ever since I began to heal from my past trauma, and concur many trials and tribulations,” she says, “my desire was immediately to help others, to offer guidance that I didn’t have at the time that could have made my healing and journey to success so much easier.”

Everyone has a different passion in life and a different potential to be unlocked, she says. She wants to offer her clients the tools they need to create their own success. She doesn’t want return business; she only ever wants to hear her past clients’ success stories. Instead, she provides them with community and support through her success network. Her goal has always been to help others create the life they dream. Showing people how their wildest dreams and goals can and will be attained.

Evangeline De Châtillon is a life coach and mentor offering group and private sessions.

Website: https://evangelinedechatillon.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evangeline.dechatillon/

Email: info@evangelinedechatillon.com 

Phone: 236 985 0701