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Song Request App One28 Kills It In Southern Europe


If you were lucky enough to be at Monte Carlo’s MK Club on June 10, you were in for a great time. With the launch of the song request app created by One28, club goers had a bigger say in the music played, and judging by the number of requests taken by DJ Chris S (over fifty), they were more than happy to contribute to the song list. We met up that night with One28’s Co-Founder, CEO Adrien Crastes, and learned a lot about One28 and the guy who is transforming the club scene in France, Corsica, and Monaco.

“I’m actually a student at Institut de Science Financière et d’Assurances, where I will receive my actuary diploma,” Adrien said. The music at the MK Club is, as you’d think, nice and loud, so he had to lean over our table to make himself heard. “I was also a Division 1 tennis student-athlete at Bucknell University in the States. My other passion is music. Before One28, I was like every other club goer – I loved the vibe but wished there was an easier way to request my favorite songs so that my night would be even more fun.”

We agreed that designing an app to connect partygoers with DJs was the perfect solution. The audience uses the One28 User App to send song requests to the DJ, who receives them via the One28 DJ App. The DJ establishes a minimum price for song requests and still keeps control over what is played. That all made sense. However, what was up with the name, One28? Adrien laughed a little, then explained.

“There’s a lot of science behind this, believe it or not,” he said. “When you hear a song you really like, it’s been proven that your heart rate increases because of the pleasure and adrenaline you’re feeling. So, basically, ‘128’ is the peak of the emotions you feel when your perfect song comes on, whoever that might be.”

We took a pause on our discussion to survey the action in the club. DJ Chris S was over in the corner, mixing it up, and a lot of young twenty-somethings were on the dance floor, drinks in hand. At the bar and tables, we spotted quite a few people on their phones. While we can’t say they were all putting in song requests, DJ Chris S would say later that he continued to receive so many song requests the next day that he decided to use the One28 app that next weekend.

So, what about the cost of tipping the DJ to play songs? Adrien explained that it was up to the DJ to set the minimum price. It might be 15€, which DJ Chris S set, or it could be 30€, which was set by a DJ a few weeks later at the Maya Jah Monte-Carlo, a top restaurant in Monaco.

“The DJ is still in control over what gets played, of course, and if they decline the song, the requestor can submit a new song request or maybe up their bid on the original,” he said. 

Adrien has plans to bring One28 to clubs, parties, and restaurants in major cities, including LA and New York City. 

“One28 is just getting started,” he confirmed. “We all know how great we feel when the music we love is played – relaxed, at peace, and energized. Even if we have a flat tire, lose our wallet, and have a fight with our significant other, the right song can make us forget all about it and remember better times.”

One28 is an app that is deepening the connection between DJs and partygoers. Co-founded by CEO Adrien Crastes and CFO Alexandre Coyette, One28 is helping audiences to hear songs that can increase their heart rate to 128bpm, the peak of adrenaline and pleasure. In 2019, One28 presented their vision at the Monaco International Clubbing Show (MICS) and then began offering its app to DJs in June 2022. It has found enthusiastic support among partygoers and DJs and is changing the music scene.

For more information, please see its website or download the One28 user app or One28 DJ app.