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Mermaid Treasure from Nora Sermez


SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Nora Sermez has a new featured collection. “Ocean” features stackable rings inspired by ancient art such as the Venus de Milo and reminiscent of glittering seashells and deepsea gemstones.

For every purchase, Nora will donate $5 to the ocean conservancy foundation, showing that her company is continuing  a longstanding commitment to preserving the planet. 

“We are pleased to offer those who love fine jewelry a collection that is designed to give back to the Earth,” says the company. “At Nora Sermez Co., our team of artisans is dedicated to imbuing our jewelry with the beauty of the oceans while still protecting them from harm. We believe the public will find our collection to be both whimsical as well as inspiring, and we have endeavored to make each piece be thoughtfully created from start to finish.”

A History of Sustainability

Customers know that when they purchase jewelry from Nora Sermez, they’re supporting the US economy and supporting sustainably sourced materials. The company utilizes ethnically sourced materials and fair trade gold, making their own alloys and controlling the production process. 

Diamonds are sourced through channels that ensures that the stones are procured without conflict, and the company also works with gemstones originated from mines that actively promote socially responsible practices, have taken steps to minimize their environmental footprint, and contribute to social projects.

Changing Customer Demands

Research indicates that the jewelry industry will reach $480.5 billion USD by 2025, and today’s customers are showing a willingness and desire to seek more unique and alternative designs.

Nora believes in jewelry as a form of identity and expression: “I wanted to captivate the imagination through sacred creations that channel Goddesses, mysteries of the all seeing eye, and the infinite heavens; in a collection interlaced with stories that can be passed down for generations to come.”

The company focuses on alternative gemstones and creating timeless pieces that are dainty, but not brittle. The goal is to push the boundaries with jewelry design and think outside the box. “My obsession with symbolism has manifested itself in the form of handcrafted jewelry,” says the designer. “An extension of my imagination and a library of experiences turned into wearable art.”

Bold New Brides

Nora Sermez wants to fight the trend of homogeny in the fine jewelry and bridal industries. “There was a time you walked into a mall and they all had the same jewelry designs,” says the designer, “and people were okay with cookie cutter everything, especially cookie cutter engagement rings.”

The company utilizes small batch production, which gives them control over the process. Imagine choosing a wedding ring hand-crafted right here in the United States, made to order – unique, like no other ring on the planet. Made just for you to symbolize the love you share with your partner. That’s Nora’s vision.

“Customers … know their ring will not just be found in some random corner of the world. And they know when they buy a ring from us they are supporting their local US economy, and supporting sustainably sourced material and that makes them feel good about the purchase.”

Nora Sermez and her team stand behind their work, and offer a lifetime warranty on diamond bridal pieces. If the piece breaks, Nora’s team will repair or replace it (see details on the website). In the rare event a diamond or gemstone is broken due to negligence, Nora’s team will offer a fair price to have it replaced.

Experience Where It Matters

Nora’s team of master jewelers has worked for big names like Tiffany’s and David Yurman. Nora Sermez designs are favored by A-list celebrity stylists and have been worn by celebrities such as Kacey Musgraves and Jada Pinkett Smith. 

The company’s creations have been featured in major fashion magazines such as Vogue, Glamour, and Essence. The brand has over five thousand customers globally, and the company’s Instagram account has over a hundred thousand followers.

The new Ocean collection can now be ordered online.