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Evangelist David Diga Hernandez is a People Reacher


What does it take to reach people?

This has been a question on the minds of thinkers and speakers ever since the establishment of modern society. People are complicated and have vast and multifaceted needs, and reaching them requires an incisive ability to understand what they care about, where they’re going, what they’re afraid of, and what they need most.

In a modern environment with quite literally tens of thousands of words and images and messages competing for our attention every day, it can seem almost impossible to reach people with a voice or message when we have multiple competing voices or messages flying to diminish our own.

This is especially true with Generation Z, who has access to more content each day than any people group at any time in history.

Reaching Generation Z (approximately those born after the year 2000) and Millennials has been a challenge for any organization, let alone spiritual organizations. Yet David Diga Hernandez, an evangelist, healing minister, author, and YouTuber based in Southern California, has been able to do this effectively. 

He explains, 

“The spiritual state of the average Millennial or Gen Z youth is similar to the spiritual state of any previous generation, because every generation needs the gospel. I believe it’s a mistake to alter the simple message of salvation through Jesus Christ in an attempt to bait any one generation. There exists this idea that Millennials and Gen-Z youth are somehow more closed to the gospel than other generations. I don’t think that’s the case. I truly believe that, because man is a spiritual being, every generation longs for a true encounter with the living God. It’s almost condescending to attempt to give the next generations some less potent version of the gospel, especially since authenticity is so valued.”

This authentic delivery of a powerful, hope-inspired message helps David and his team reach hundreds of thousands of people each month, with a constantly growing audience.

“I’m an evangelist. Our ministry has a simple mission of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit through events and media.” David Hernandez has a simple mission in life: to preach the gospel of salvation from sin through Jesus Christ to as many people as possible. 

David works for David Hernandez Ministries/Encounter TV as a full-time internet evangelist.

“God called me to be a minister when I was 13 years old,” David explains. His mission is to leverage technology to further his work. “The ‘industry’ is showing a lot of potential with the rise of social media use. Newer, modern technology can be used to spread the message of the gospel further than ever before. A new ‘breed’ of ‘TV Preachers’ is rising… We can change our methods without having to change our message.”

And consistently preaching an old, time-seasoned message is David’s modus operandi. “The gospel still works. By assuming that we need a different message to reach the next generation, we create the self-fulfilling prophecy that says, ‘Millennials and Gen Z don’t want church, God, or the gospel.’ Of course, they don’t want a shell of the gospel; they need the substance. And, like in all generations, there will be many who reject the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Some want the gospel. Some don’t want the gospel. But nobody wants a gospel that they know isn’t real. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t attempt to reach these generations through various new methods. But again, the gospel still works.”

One project David is working on is called “Project ETV.” David explains, “Project ETV is our ministry’s latest expansion project. We are raising the resources to build a second production studio and ministry center in Austin, TX. Additionally, we are creating our own online video platform to defeat big tech censorship and to bring in the end-time harvest.”

Learn more at https://www.davidhernandezministries.com