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Dr. Vipin Gupta Solves Einstein’s Field Equations in What Is Trading Factor


In What Is Trading Factor: Mathematics Beyond Einstein, book 9 in the 12-book series published under Project VIPIN, Dr. Vipin Gupta reveals a scientific and mathematical approach to how your life is guided. One of the core ideas of the book is this: how to break free of the ambiguity-polluted consciousness that all humanity occupies and enjoy the integrated nature of mathematics woven in Mother Nature’s reality. 

Independent thinkers who find themselves walking one way while hundreds of people walk in the other direction find the world to be a pretty lonely place. It takes a lot to stand apart from the masses and simply believe something different. Dr. Vipin Gupta, creator of Project VIPIN, agrees. “Standing firm in what you think, even if you are the only one who believes it, can be a huge risk to take. What happens so often, unfortunately, is that instead of going out on that limb and seeing what awaits us there, we stay with the thousands, perhaps even millions, of people who have fallen in line and refuse to question something. In doing so, we miss out on an incredible adventure because contrary to what we think, when we take that risk, we are not alone – Mother Nature is right there, waiting to greet us with a deeper consciousness.”

Dr. Gupta explains that one of the issues that faces all of humanity is that it is encumbered by a consciousness system polluted by a sense of ambiguity. “Its weight affects our consciousness and limits our power to make conscious decisions,” he says. “You see this a lot in science and in education. We are bound by scientists and their evolving theories on the law-like qualities of Mother Nature. We accept these theories are actually universal laws and become limited by the ambiguities inherent in those theories that make them refutable over time.  When we decide to question them before they are refuted by the top scientists, the world turns against us.”

The theories gain power through interconnections with a large network of people around the world. “This is due to the trading factor, which is the human force that the ego-energy of theory-maker perpetuates,” Dr. Gupta states. “The ego-energy diffuses to form networking linkages that link everyone as a consumer and transform the theory-maker into a God perpetuating the polluting consciousness as the reality of the universe.”

A departed God-like scientist such as Einstein “services the networking linkages while alive to become the Almighty Creator of diverse realities formed through the trading and consumption of his ego,” Dr. Gupta notes. “After consuming his ego, everyone becomes a creator of his copies by idealizing him as a divine entity who is the producer that they reproduce within them. The copies begin reproducing the creation as they believe that they are the creature blessed by the Almighty Creator. Thus, the Almighty Creator, the creator, the creation, and the creature become a four-body system that becomes the essence of reality. Thus, an independent thinker is always alone and independent.”

At this point, Dr. Gupta continues, the independent thinker has a choice: will they stay with the masses and accept the prevailing ideas? “Or, will they stand their ground and enjoy Mother Nature’s pristine reality?” he asks. “Here is an interesting situation: if they refuse to fall in line, they will be independent, but the reality is being independent and not dependent is the path to illumination by Mother Nature about who she really is.”

Dr. Gupta says in that moment of reckoning, the person will be guided by Mother Nature, who has wonderful secrets to reveal. “She will show you her intentions behind incarnating you and the purpose of your life, and she will give you wisdom that will help you to fulfill that purpose.”

Dr. Gupta says, “When you are independent and with Mother Nature, she gives you a mental map that makes strategic management of everyone’s theoretically pre-programmed reactions the purpose of your actions. It is really quite beautiful.”

In the book, Dr. Gupta illuminates an integrative approach to mathematics. He solves the field equations of Einstein, showing precisely where Einstein erred. After reading this work, Dr. Gupta hopes that children will choose to break apart from the crowd and dive into what awaits them: a rewarding and thrilling relationship with Mother Nature and life. “What she has waiting for us is glorious,” he confirms. “All we need to be willing to do is accept that there is more to the universe than we might think. When we are ready to explore it, a grand adventure awaits us, and we will never be the same – or dependent on the theory-makers – again.”

Professor Vipin Gupta is Professor of Management and Co-Director of the Center for Global Management at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, California State University, San Bernardino. Dr. Gupta has a Ph.D. in managerial science and applied economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. 

You may subscribe to Dr. Gupta’s newsletter at his site www.vipingupta.net. You may also connect with him at https://www.linkedin.com/in/drvipingupta/ and follow him on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/projectvipin/.

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