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Crypto Mogul Ronald Khan on Using Blockchain to Improve Humanitarian Aid


The trustless, decentralized nature of blockchain is reshaping modern finance. These changes raise an important question that many tech investors want to know the answer to: what is the best way to use the technology that is changing our financial landscape to aid those in need? Blockchain technology is providing unprecedented opportunities to better the world at large, but how exactly can it be used to help? Crypto visionary Ronald Khan hopes to shed some light on the specifics of blockchain’s benefits for charitable causes.

The Humanitarian Potential of Blockchain

We’ve only scratched the surface of how this incredible technology can change many lives for the better. As Ron explains, “Blockchain technology has so many exciting applications that we’ve only just begun to discover, and it has the potential to completely transform humanitarian aid. We can use it to create streamlined aid distribution campaigns, secure critical financing for our cause, and keep track of the massive amount of information that this whole endeavor requires.” Ron is the founder of the Immediate Solutions Initiative, a team of crypto experts that is always working to find new ways to use this technology for the betterment of their fellow man.

$Share Coin: The Marriage of Crypto and Charity

$Share Coin is an ETH Layer 2 and Binance Smart Chain token. It was created by the $Share Coin Foundation with the aim of helping those in poverty, fighting corruption, and preventing economic crises (it’s even in the name — Strategic Humanitarian Aid REsponse Coin). The $Share Coin Foundation recently donated $2.5M in $Share Coin to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Impact Fund, which the UN accepted. Ron received a certificate from the UN (on UN Day, no less) that allows him to work on mastering national adaptation plans for developing countries in Blockchain. Ron believes that the team’s achievements with the UN are among the company’s proudest moments so far.

Exciting Developments for ISI

In another exciting moment for ISI, Ethereum and Polkadot founder Gavin Wood, Creator of Solidity and Web3, publicly supported the $Share project on LinkedIn. Gavin is the Father of the Altcoin and the Godfather of Crypto, and what’s more — he’s never done this before, making it particularly significant that he chose to publicly support $Share. This is huge for ISI; Ron likens it to what Elon Musk did for Bitcoin. He also wants ISI to work with his company, Polkadot, for which Gavin recently announced a $777 million dollar fund to develop.

Ron also recently formed a partnership with the founder of XHUMANITY, a decentralized social media platform. He has a range of other exciting partnerships in the works, and he hopes that the growing network of companies working with ISI will help grow their influence and help them to accomplish their humanitarian goals.

The ShareSuite Dashboard is a New Home for Tokens

The ShareSuite digital dashboard has a wealth of features — wallet, token redemption, vendor apps, and many more — that can give aid groups and organizers the assistance, functionality, and flexibility they need to help others. The dashboard was designed for dispensing relief tokens and enlisting local partners and vendors in the effort. Even with all this, ISI is not done yet; big changes are coming to the platform.

The forthcoming $Share platform will be home to a wide range of essential features, including accessible online ID documents, crowdfunding, microfinancing, donor financing, non-profit fundraisers, digital development for businesses, and many others. The Immediate Solutions team is also building the $Share V1 SDK, a blockchain development kit for businesses and developers, which will allow users to build blockchain products with greater speed and power than when working from scratch. Khan believes that “Creating our own development kit will help us build a strong community of blockchain experts.” The team also hopes that the new SDK will attract the attention of noteworthy developers who can both spread the word about the $Share platform and help to improve it. They’re planning to implement bounty programs where developers can earn $Share if they develop or fix bugs in their SDK.

The Immediate Solutions team is currently cooking up a feast of new features for their platform, such as the new Blockchain Dev Lab Dynamic DLT Merkle Chain Sharding protocols. With the introduction of these protocols, their network speed will become at least 10,000 times faster than that of Bitcoin, 100 times faster than Uniswap/Pancake Swap’s network; it will be faster than any other exchange infrastructure that currently exists.

Swap Tokens in Style with the $Share Atomic Swap

With over $14B worth of mirrored assets trading on different exchanges, there’s no denying that trading is huge right now, and users are always looking for a better way to trade. The new $Share Atomic Swap was intended to give users the freedom they need to thrive in the crypto ecosystem. With the Atomic Swap, users can quickly and easily trade tokens on different blockchains. Share Coin, Ethereum, BNB, and many other tokens can be instantly traded for Netflix, Microsoft, Google, Apple, AMD, Alibaba, Tesla, S&P 500, and over sixty other assets coming soon. “mAssets” as the team calls them are $ShareXchange Mirrored Assets. These unique digital assets imitate the price behavior of their real-world counterparts.

Leveraging Success for Humanitarian Ends

For the Immediate Solutions Initiative, blockchain, crypto, and wealth itself are simply tools to achieve their greater goals; what they really want is to make the world a better place for all, and blockchain technology is proving to be the perfect way to get there.

Find Immediate Solutions Initiative online at https://immediatesolutions.org/. Don’t forget to check out $Share Coin and the Atomic Swap. Follow Ron and Immediate Solutions Initiative on LinkedIn.

Contact the Immediate Solutions Initiative team at [email protected] or [email protected]