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Actor/Influencer Beshoy Mehany Earns His First Featured Role In Gain


As the pre-production of 2022’s $40-million movie Gain begins, one featured actor in particular is excited: Beshoy Mehany, the 29-year-old Internet influencer/prankster who has captured the attention of millions with his hilarious prank videos. The Egyptian-born actor was elated to learn that he had obtained a role in the film, and he is ready to show up for work and get started. “I’ve spent many years thinking about this moment, when I would be a certified actor and part of a film with a big budget,” he reveals. “This opportunity is everything I’ve dreamed of!”

For Beshoy, the road to Gain began in Egypt, where he was born on January 7, 1992. “I lived in Cairo, and when I was 9, I immigrated to America and lived in Jersey City after my father died. I was amazed by show business, really,” he remembers. “I saw the camera, the lights, and these compelling plots, and I was so impressed that actors could make it all be so believable. I had to be part of the magic.”

Beshoy would get the chance in high school, where he joined every play the theater department put on. “I don’t think there’s anything more exhilarating than to stand on a stage and perform in front of an audience,” he says. “It’s not easy, of course, since you only have one chance to get your lines right. I was always practicing them in the shower and using up the hot water, much to the annoyance of my family. Thankfully they forgave me.”

Beshoy knew he wanted a Hollywood career but quickly learned it wouldn’t be so easy.

“I was broke!” he laughs. “I didn’t have money to buy the state-of-the-art equipment I could use to make videos, and I didn’t know anyone in the industry that could help me to break into it.”

Beshoy’s secret weapons, however, were formidable. “I had a never-say-die attitude, and my parents were 100% onboard!” he reveals. “I set out to do the impossible: become a Hollywood actor, and when my confidence took a nosedive, my mom and dad were there to get me going again.”

Beshoy first went to New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he threw himself into every acting class he could sign up for. “I eventually got my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, but I had to take some extra classes to do it since my acting courses didn’t count,” he states.

That still left him with the question of how to stand out and attract the attention of movie studios when so many people were trying to do the same. “That led to me making prank videos in 2019,” continues Beshoy. “It’s so competitive that I needed to be unique. My videos received millions of hits on different platforms. I also worked as an extra in a lot of TV shows and movies to get more experience, always knowing that I was one step away from getting the one chance I was looking for.”

Now, with Gain, Beshoy is thinking carefully about his next move as an actor. “I try to manage my career like it’s a business,” he says. “Where do I really want to be in five or ten years? I want to act in every genre and really build a body of impressive work. That’s why I try to learn from every person I can and study the careers of those who are successful. This is what I plan to do for a living, so I am leaving nothing to chance.”

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