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Monica Edwards Assists Real Estate Professionals create an Increasing Steady Stream of Income while reclaiming Their Lives


Monica Edwards spent twenty-three years in law enforcement in various positions such as Special Agent for the U.S government, Counterintelligence Agent overseas, and Fugitive Recovery Agent. After her career in law enforcement, she experienced what she fondly refers to as the “Decade of Devastation.” 

This was a time where she felt completely defeated and less than hopeful about the future. It was a time where she came to the realization that her life was likely half over. Monica states that in one decade she experienced divoiritear business and bankruptcy, the death of her father, the death and suicide of her former roommate, and an accident where she witnessed the death of her dog. When she thinks back on it, it seems that everything Monica had invested in and cared about was coming to an abrupt end. 

The difficulties of each event began to weigh on her. “At that point, I was unemployed and not employable,” Monica shares. “ Not only was I financially bankrupt, but I was also emotionally, mentally, and physically bankrupt. She states that she was depressed, menopausal, overweight, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, and a fast-food junkie who was indeed an anxious hot mess.” Monica Edwards is now a transformational high-performance mindset coach, CEO, and founder of Monica K. Coaching. 

Monica realized she had two options. She could either give in and give up or rise above. “I decided to seize the opportunity to evolve and overcome,” She shares. “That’s when I created my life’s mission statement: to live a life of service by helping others live their best life on their own terms by their own design.” Her life experience has proven to her that “life happens for us, not to us.” She knows firsthand that the greatest lessons we could ever learn are born from what the masses refer to as “failure.” Monica no longer believes failure even exists. She states, “There are no failures, there are only opportunities to learn.” 

How could Monica Edwards possibly come to this conclusion after the “Decade of Devastation?” She believes that life gives us lessons to learn so we can help others. It was these life challenges, experiences, and tragedies that caused her to dig deep and become a student of life, finding purpose, discovering the secrets of mastering her mindset to rise above. She figured out how to close the gap between where she was and where she wanted to be to make her dreams a reality. Monica went from thinking her life was over to loving the new life she had created. This transformation allowed her to discover her true purpose and passion which is to have a meaningful impact on the lives of others. In the mid-2000s, Monica engaged in part-time Natural Health Coaching which transitioned into weight loss coaching. Nature’s Sunshine Inc. invited her to be on an international committee to co-create their weight loss coaching program. She also attended the Real Balance Health and Wellness Coaching certification program. As she transitioned into full-time coaching in 2011, she began working with real estate professionals. Because she wanted to have a greater impact on her clients, she completed a Spiritual Life coaching certification program and became a master coach in Neuro-linguistic Programming and a certified Time Line Therapy master practitioner, also known as a Mental and Emotional Release. These forms of therapy are used to work on minds that are not conscious of their negative emotions and limiting beliefs. 

Because of her unique skill set, she was recruited to partner with Keller Williams Realty, Maps coaching, where she has trained to coach the systems and models methods and leverage per the Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA) book. Keller Williams has approximately 150 coaches they contract with across the country. Most of the coaches are straight production coaches who coach solely to the numbers, models, and systems of the MREA. The rest of us also coach these methods, but we were hired specifically for our transformational coaching skill set and neuro-linguistic programming studies and certifications. These certifications allow them to work with the “five inches between the ears.”

“We understand that our experiences and the events in our lives, as well as our interactions with people, shape the way we see ourselves and the world around us, ” Monica explains. “This is how our belief system is created and this is the filter through which we view ourselves and the world.” Monica feels that these beliefs hold us back from realizing our full potential. The process and coaching techniques she uses unveil the thought patterns that stand in our way.

Monica K. Coaching begins with business analysis to determine what systems should be used and how to incorporate successful habits such as tracking numbers for measured success. The difference between this approach and others is the holistic component. Monica coaches the whole person to help move them forward both personally and professionally. She assesses your motivation. Your whys, as she calls it. What is your purpose? She believes that personal development is the key to financial and emotional stability. This is done by looking at the person as a whole, not just the professional components of your life. The whole person needs to be addressed if there’s going to be any kind of real transformation. “I develop a bond with my clients,” She shares. “ I partner with them and create a place where it’s totally okay to vent and be yourself.” That’s how real issues are dealt with. 

Monica works with clients that are experiencing burnout, exhaustion, stress, and most of all fear. These are the clients that need transformational coaching. “There is no such thing as failure,” She explains. “I truly believe that we are all failing our way forward.” Just because someone is doing well financially, doesn’t mean they aren’t afraid of losing it.” Monica partners with clients to share her experience and provide clients with the tools they need to be even more successful. People will see the difference when you are not constantly feeling stressed out and defeated. 

We have to be honest with where we are if we want to move forwards and make lasting changes. “I want the client to experience what it feels like to have emotional and financial freedom,” Monica explains. “I truly believe that people should enjoy what they do.” Monica K. Coaching can give you the breathing room you so desperately need so that you can actually enjoy your life and your career. The goal is to get you from where you are now to where you really want to be.

For more information contact: monica@monicakcoaching.com

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