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Meat Call for Gourmeatly


     People are constantly striving for the new and improved. With all the modern advancements, the meat industry is no different. Consumers have become accustomed to the same low quality taste of meat, due to lack of knowledge and accessibility. At Gourmeatly, they’ve changed not only the approach to meat, but the quality factor as well. Providing exemplary cuts, they’re set to innovate every aspect of the meat industry.

   At Gourmeatly, they’ve recognize the need for change. The traditional approach of meat has been played out for decades and frankly, innovation has been long overdue. By participating in the new wave of delivery, Gourmeatly has added to the capabilities of the meat market. Credited to the technology made today, the idea of delivering meat through mail can now be a reality. Implementing this into their business practice, efficient delivery and quality meats have provided Gourmeatly with their infrastructure. As a new business, they’re dedicated to bringing quality back into meat. 

    Quality is an aspect that has been neglected in the meat market. The industry has normalized taking shortcuts for the sake of mass distribution and the people have suffered from it. In conclusion, the meat industry isn’t what it once was and Gourmeatly is seeking to change that. Access to the best farms, they offer a full stock meat inventory of the highest quality. Their pork comes from a long lineage of heritage breeding. Straight from the source, they’ve taken out farm raising in regards to their seafood. However, their strength ultimately lies within the beef. Offering an array of different cuts, they sport a beef selection unlike any other. One of the many options is their grain fed, grain finished and grass fed, grain finished beef. Their grain fed, grain finished brings the meat that people are familiar with. Iconic marbling and refined taste, it’s a choice for the traditional beef lover. Their grass fed, grain finished is an excellent choice for the health conscious. Lean, rich in fatty nutrients, and a clean taste; it proves the many possibilities of beef. At Gourmeatly, every cut meets their high criteria prior to shipping. In addition to the obvious quality, their shipping method also proves to be stellar.

    By utilizing modern technology, they’ve re-industrialized the approach to shipping meat. Oftentimes, the delivery method for meat has proven to be inefficient and lackluster at best. By bringing the use of cryo-vac, dry ice, and strenuous aging process; they’ve allowed for a better method of shipping. This has allowed Gourmeatly to make good of their promise of two to three days shipping nationwide. At Gourmeatly, they are changing how meat is delivered through subscriptions and orders. 

     A breath of fresh air, the idea of subscription box meats has seldom been explored. The obvious difficulties of delivering meat has hindered this in the past. But with Gourmeatly’s approach towards transportation, the conversation of meat subscription is finally a possibility. Starting at one hundred and forty dollars, Gourmeatly offers meat in every sense of the word. Clients get to pick between expertly cultivated cuts of meat or pick their favorites from Gourmeatly’s ever growing inventory. By offering this range of flexibility, Gourmeatly cumulated the best of the best of meat.  

     Gourmeatly understands aidings those in need as is evident in their partnership with Givebackbox. People can donate their old household goods through their Gourmeatly boxes, allowing for better community enrichment. In addition to this, a portion of the cost of meat will be donated to the charity of the clients choice. Through providing quality meats, Gourmeatly is also seeking to better the lives of others.

   As a young business, Gourmeatly is hungry for success. Realizing the changes that needed to be made, they’ve taken on the giants of the meat industry. Unsatisfied  with the current standards of meat, they’ve industrialized what it means to have quality meat at your table.