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Dr. Lisa Leit: Executive Coaching


Executive coaching is geared towards helping professionals increase productivity and flourish in the workplace. Dr. Lisa Leit, PhD, MCC, founder of the Happy Whole Human (HWH) program emphasizes, “In the context of executive coaching, we are specifically interested in how clients’ work life is being affected by their current routines and behaviors.” Dr. Leit explains, “My ideal clients want to live happy and deeply fulfilling lives, but don’t know how to get there. My evidenced-based coaching program gives them a simple, proven process to create lasting transformation in 45 days.”

How it works

Executive coaching begins with a 15-minute assessment. This assessment assists organizations in tracking the overall health of their employees. Dr. Leit elaborates,“Once we have this information, we can start to create goals that will result in measurable changes in the workplace. We will provide valuable feedback that will facilitate professional growth for their employees.”

You could think of it as a holistic approach to professional development. You will gain the deep insight necessary to identify and set relevant goals to create transformative action plans. Dr. Leit goes on to explain, “By gathering and giving feedback we can identify specific development opportunities. We work with employers and employees to help build self-awareness by asking powerful questions. We then set goals and create action plans that facilitate professional development.” The Happy Whole Human (HWH) program offers support and encouragement along the way and monitors progress. 

There are 28 dimensions of happiness that the Happy Whole Human (HWH) program addresses in the assessment. Dr. Leit explains, “This helps us get a pulse of what’s working and what’s not. There are so many people that can benefit from this. We all have unhealthy patterns that hold us back in our professional lives, and  there are so many aspects of the workplace that can trigger setbacks, whether it’s in our relationships at work or in our productivity.” Fortunately, Dr. Leit has used this method with hundreds of clients, and it works. There are coaches available to actually walk clients through their report and create action plans that are easy to put into practice. The results are measurable and lasting, and it only takes 45 days to see real progress. 

Set your team up for success

Companies are in dire need of wellness initiatives that will empower workers. The Happy Whole Human (HWH) program gives you access to Dr. Leit’s e-courses with teaching, tools, and guided meditations. Dr. Leit explains, “Often, workers want to reach out, but they don’t feel comfortable talking to people at work. It is essential to have a third party not directly associated with the organization to ensure confidentiality and ethical practices. We set goals to help the individual, which in turn helps the organization.” 

Dr. Leit continues, “The difference between this and other wellness initiatives is that we provide personalized meaningful metrics to support individuals to keep doing what works for them, but also take the time to address and modify actions that don’t. The reason companies should invest in executive coaching is that performance is a direct result of how well your organization addresses executive-level skills. Behaviors or patterns that hold employees back are often deeply embedded. That’s why organizations need something that holds employees accountable and is actually beneficial to the individual in the long-term. It’s simple and you can see real measurable results.” 

Executive coaching is extremely important, especially in a time where employees aren’t expected to stay at one job until they retire. Organizations that choose the Happy Whole Human (HWH) are actually choosing to make a lasting change in the lives of their employees that will benefit them, and the greater good of the organization.

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