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Hotel Ugly: Indie’s Latest Talent


Having your own band is something most kids dream of. Singing on stage to an audience, having your musical expression appreciated. But as many know, it takes a lot more than just a guitar and a mic to make those dreams come true. Thanks to social media, the discovery of music has never been easier. Uploading your song onto platforms like Spotify and Youtube, it puts your music out for the public to find. Having that success on TikTOk, Hotel Ugly proves to be the next social media sensation.

Hotel Ugly consists of the musical talents of brothers Mike and Chris Fiscella. Crediting music to their upbringing, it ultimately pushed them to pursue a musical career. As they grew, both brothers sought out and excelled in different aspects of music. Mike takes over audio mixing as well editing the songs to fit Hotel Ugly’s image, while Chris plays an array of instruments such as the guitar and bass. Both on vocals, Hotel Ugly is a full stock band despite only having two members. Merging their talents together, Hotel Ugly gave the world a taste of their music through their debut EP “The Ugly EP”. 

“The Ugly Ep” was an introduction to Hotel Ugly. Featuring songs like “2Ugly”, “Apple Sauce”, “Mikey and the Frogs”, and the break out single , “Shut up My Mom’s Calling”. All of them serve as the very essence of what Hotel Ugly is. By bringing the soothing style of indie with a sprinkle of pop element; they’ve provided the indie scene with a new approach. But what truly put Hotel Ugly on the map was their single “Shut Up My Mom’s Calling.” Featured in various different TikToks, the use of their songs allowed Hotel Ugly the platform it has today. With this platform, they’ve continued to spread their music as they prepare the world for their debut album.

Following the success of “Shut Up My Mom’s Calling,” Hotel Ugly has been in the works of releasing new music. On June 4, 2021, they’re planning on releasing a new single called “The Ballad of Eddie Jabuley”. With this single, they are expanding their musical inventory and thus, broadening their fan base. “The Ballad Of Eddie Jabuley” is just a taste of what their album will consist of. Indie-pop with stellar audio mixing, the voices of both Chris and Mike come together to further enrich their fanbase. Knowing the importance of a strong fanbase, Hotel Ugly has implemented their personal core values into their band.

With only two members, Hotel Ugly is an all-hands-on-deck project. Running a band is where Chris and Mike realized the importance of mental health. As they grow as a band, they’ve implemented a charity aspect into their practice. In order to raise awareness for mental health, Hotel Ugly has promoted and encouraged donations to be made for MHA (Mental Health of America). Within the Greater Houston area, they’ve reached out to their local fans and asked for their support. In addition, Hotel Ugly has also set up a GoFundMe. By offering certain benefits for donations, they’ve added to their band’s reputation. Hotel Ugly plans to continue to spread the message of mental health awareness once they begin to tour. 

Due to Covid, Hotel Ugly has seen setbacks in their touring schedule. However, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been doing the groundwork to expand their fanbase. Since their creation in 2019, Hotel Ugly has performed all over the Houston area. San Marcos having been one of them, they have their sights set conquering the local music scene in other major Texas cities.       Hotel Ugly knows to strike the iron when it’s hot. Their upcoming projects serve as an example of their dedication to their music. The success of “Shut Up My Mom’s Calling,” is just the beginning of a string of success for Hotel Ugly. 

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