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Audien Hearing: Simple and Affordable Hearing Aids for Any Age


What do you do when you realize your whole life has changed because of hearing problems? As we grow older, often, our health starts to decline, and it may affect our hearing. This makes life more difficult, especially when you are trying to carry on a conversation and you simply cannot hear what your friend or family member is saying.  Words sound muffled, and no matter how hard you strain to hear, it is simply not enough. 

What do you do then? You call your doctor and set up an appointment, he or she sends you to a specialist, and you are asked to shell out an amount of money most people cannot easily afford. That scenario is changing all thanks to Audien Hearing, as they offer affordable hearing aids to the hard of hearing with the intent of helping rather than commercializing hearing.

That is why Audien Hearing was established – to cut out the middlemen like audiologists, hearing centers, sales reps, and more, and to get the highest quality hearing aids straight from the factory to the customer – all at the lowest price on the market.

With Audien Hearing providing great quality hearing aids at low prices for seniors and others with hearing challenges, it has changed the market. Benefits of Audien Hearing include:

  • Lifetime Support
  • Superior Audio
  • Easy to Use and Comfortable
  • Rechargeable Hearing Device
  • Low prices
  • Money-back Guarantee

This new opportunity – the availability of this new affordable, yet superior product – should be shouted from the rooftops! Get ready for change, because Audien Hearing has just changed the landscape for affordable and quality hearing for millions of people.

Customers have two product choices:

  • EV1 – Audien’s best seller at only $89/pair. It’s in-ear, rechargeable, and easy to use. 
  • EV3 – Audien’s top of the line starts at $249/pair. It is smaller, sleeker, and more powerful.

Audien Hearing reached the point it is at today by offering the best priced hearing aids on the market. For years, hearing aids have cost $4,600/pair on average. People had to go to audiologists for hearing tests at a hearing center, then get overpriced custom products. Now, people can get a one size fits all approach online – and Audien has hearing aids starting at only $89/pair. We offer rechargeable, in-ear devices that are easy to use, along with providing amazing customer service. You cannot beat the value they provide at this price.

Their EV1 model hearing aid is their best seller with over 100K sold already and only costs $89 for a pair. It is in-ear, rechargeable, and super easy to use. Their EV3 model starts at $249 for a pair and is smaller, sleeker, and more powerful.

Over 100,000 customers have taken advantage of this opportunity for improved hearing by purchasing hearing aids from Audien Hearing. 

Here is what one happy customer had to say, “Audien changed my life. It’s small. It’s easy to use. It’s 100% rechargeable.” Another five star review says, “I haven’t had any problems at all. No itching, the sound is clear and crisp, so comfortable that I forget they are in my ears. Way better than my old $4,000 hearing aids!”

This is not just for hearing loss, Audien hearing aids are also useful for auditory processing disorders and tinnitus management. Their technology works by reducing background noise and making direct sounds clearer and more focused so that people with these challenges can hear their surroundings properly.

Audien Hearing is changing the way hearing aids are accessible. This puts the power back into the hands of the consumer so that they do not have to go without an essential product that they need due to cost and availability. Check out Audien Hearing’s website to learn more about their products and incredible low prices!