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Juan Zurita of _getithowyouliveit is a Positive Force in his Field


Juan Zurita of the design brand _getithowyouliveit on Instagram is an up and coming graphic designer almost by accident. Not in the sense he hasn’t put in a lot of hard work, training, and learning, but by how his brand was established. After high school ended, Juan picked up photography as a hobby and played around with photoshop after being inspired by digital photo manipulations. Posting his art online he garnered the attention of Photoshop’s official Instagram page and he ended up collaborating with them twice. After that, he gained a lot of followers and he began getting contacted by artists that wanted him to design album covers for them. It was all downhill from there as _getithowyouliveit started to take off. Over two and half years later, Juan has had the opportunity to design album art for big artists and labels and design for one of Ariana Grande’s tours. “It’s crazy how far my brand has come in the time I have been designing.”

_getithowyouliveit has garnered almost 3,000 followers on Instagram and has had over three hundred clients so far. “The relationships I have built through this process are very important, networking is so necessary for my brand to expand,” Juan explains. “The future is bright for _getithowyouliveit, I can truly see it becoming bigger in the future.” Expansion is not only for his contacts and workload, but for himself. “I am very motivated by improving. I have to keep creating so I don’t become stagnant in one style or art form.”

His motivations are not only for his growth and improvement but for the things he wants to accomplish in the future. “I can see myself working for a known artist, signed to a label creating content, or becoming an Art Director,” Zurita says hopefully. “So far, I have worked with Wolftyla, Duchi Da Vinchi, and Cliftun more recently, and a few major labels, Ariana Grande’s creative directors, OVO sound, and others in the longer run. Right now, I want to work with more independent artists. I love helping them develop their brand and visually communicate their identity.”

Zurita’s identity is something that has grown with him. Growing up and currently hailing from the Bay area, he has been surrounded by arts and culture most of his life. The designer’s brand _getithowyouliveit was born there. For his future, he feels really passionately about it but for it to become what he wants he says that “there is strong importance for networking to make that happen.”

_getithowyouliveit’s network is growing, Zurita has recently been invited by an artist to be trained further as a graphic designer. His movement into the unknown has been a bit of an adjustment for him. “I work full time in tech and full time as a designer and one of the hardest things I had to overcome was my time management,” he says. “I can say now that it has been easier to deliver and I take pride in that ability to have designs ready by a certain time.” He used to feel like he had to be a certain “creative zone” to create things, which is something he still has moments in, but because creativity breeds from other creative inspiration, he has ways to stay motivated for the future. “I had a Facebook internship in 2019 for tech not design, but I was so influenced and inspired it was amazing. I take what I learned there and easily apply it to my design and motivation,” Juan explains. 

Juan Zurita is developing notoriety through completing his designs on time, by working as hard as he does, and for keeping up his flow for himself personally and professionally. _getithowyouliveit is a beautiful space of his art and design. This is his passion and he extends this positivity and movement to his work and brand. “My brand is going places, and I am so grateful that I get to do what I love!”