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Filmmaker Zane Hubbard is Doing Something New


Representation matters, especially in the stories that we hear and see. When people watch movies and TV they want to see themselves in the characters, it’s what draws someone into a film or series. When there is a lack of visual representation, it can create an inaccurate narrative in media and perceived roles. Actor and filmmaker Zane Hubbard wants to change that.

Zane loves telling stories, as a naturally gifted scriptwriter, his ideas and content are new and original. “Making stories for people that are different is important, and they should be celebrated and made to be seen in a positive light,” He says. In his award winning series, The Chronicles of Jessica Wu is centered around an African American girl on the Autism spectrum that has superhero powers and fights crime. Zane has a daughter on the spectrum as well and so creating this character and making her a positive force was something more personal for him. He is working on more to provide more opportunities for more diversity.

As a director and producer, Zane has opened a number of doors with his filmmaking. “I want to connect with people, I love that part about my job. I get to create a space where they feel comfortable and loved, this is what gets me excited about going to work, because it doesn’t feel like it,” he says. Zane’s passion for people and stories are what makes his business stand out. In 2016, he established his own production company called Ironbeard Films where his talent and expertise stands out and thrives. There is a lot more freedom to do what he loves with his own company, “We started out a bit small and had some struggles during COVID, but we made it out the other side. We are safely making films and creating once again, but I can’t say it wasn’t difficult, we lost a lot at first.” 

Ironbeard Films is “is a multi-platform production company creating original content for television, film, corporate brands, music videos, and digital networks.” They create high definition wedding videos, short films, and are expanding to documentaries that are in the works. “Viewers retain ninety-five percent of a message when they watch it in a video compared to ten percent when reading it in text,” Zane quoted. “That is why visual stories are so popular and useful for spreading a message and representing what you’re creating.” He firmly believes that his film company is going to expand, “I see myself growing my business in Atlanta, Georgia with a second office. We will work with major corporations and make feature films.”

With Zane’s impact and passion for people, he sees a lot of good coming from what he’s creating. “I see the future of my industry changing for the better with more diversity and opportunities for people of color,” he says. His art is diverse, customized, and original, much like what he promotes in his stories. His optimism and passion for what he does is his drive. “Someone told me once that if you do what you love, it won’t feel like work, and I wake up everyday working to make sure that what I do is what I love,” he says. 

“I started small, but I dreamed big and now I’m here,” Zane says smiling. “This is what feels like success to me. Nothing feels like I’m working and I get to create something everyday.” He says that you really have to keep pushing yourself to keep going, build yourself up, and take up space to let people know you are here to stay. And as a self-proclaimed badass, his advice aligns with his strength, resilience, and fight for inclusion and advocacy.

Zane is working to create more diversity in his work and spark further change in the film industry. The space he is creating is important, exciting, and incredibly inclusive for people to relate to, learn about, and witness something new. Stay tuned for more of his work in the future.

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