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Taiba Sheheryar’s Hottest Looks


Taiba Sheheryar never fails to wow us with her fashion choices. Whether she is wearing Chanel or Levi’s, the star of music videos, runways, and movies stands out in any crowd because of her effortless beauty. The Pakistani-Canadian model is fearless with her wardrobe and loves to express her femininity in a way that dazzles those around her.

Let’s look at a few ensembles and enjoy how hot this fashionista is no matter what she wears.

Taiba manages to look both like the friend you’ve had for years and a sultry woman who has her pick of men by wearing ripped jeans with a black belt and a brown sweater that shows her toned stomach.

We love her outfit by M Boutique, a black bodysuit that comes halfway down her legs and has sexy spaghetti straps, a tope jacket that drapes off one shoulder, and matching nude shoes with heels. The entire ensemble shows off her impossibly long legs and graceful neck, which is accentuated by gold dangling earrings. Taiba is the height of beauty with this outfit.

Our favorite by far, however, is the emerald green dress by Ann Taylor that Taiba wears to stunning effect. With her long, black hair flowing over one shoulder and her strappy Christian Louboutin heels, she looks ready to go to a gala or an exclusive New York City nightclub. She has the world at her feet with this dress and absolutely sizzles!

No matter what Taiba steps out in, she is the hottest fashion model working today. We can’t wait to see more photos of her! 

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