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Noel Veloz: Achieving the Unachievable with HEMINCUFF


Noel Veloz, creator of HEMINCUFF, a luxury vegan accessories company, knows his clients because he is just like them: he is driven to succeed, instinctively thinks outside of the box, and is wired to take risks. Noel has used these traits and his talent for designing one-of-a-kind bags to take HEMINCUFF to the top of the fashion world, and that hard work has paid off with clients ranging from CEOs to music stars. After years of retail jobs and fashion internships, Noel has emerged as a respected leader, designer, and entrepreneur.

Noel got his inspiration for being a designer from his dad. “I don’t know that I could have been anything else other than a designer,” he muses, reflecting on his childhood. “Every time I went downstairs, my dad was sitting at his sewing machine, crafting something new. He was really special. People knew that if they needed a clutch, a bag – whatever – they could go to him and get it made for a reasonable price and at a high quality. People were always delighted when they got the finished product. That was always cool to see.”

Noel eventually tried his own hand at creating bags when he was fourteen. “I made a duffel bag, but trust me, it didn’t turn out like I envisioned it would,” he said, laughing. “I didn’t see my future in that bag. If anything, it pointed me to a different career. I had to go through a few things before my future would right itself. That’s why I bounced from job to job for a while. I even tried being a librarian, and as you can imagine, that didn’t last.”

Noel eventually found his way back to his true love: fashion. “I started interning and working in retail, and I was on fire! I couldn’t get enough of it. Some of my favorite memories include walking home at night from work and passing luxury boutique stores. I just stopped and studied everything, trying to understand more about visual merchandising.  I also watched documentaries about luxury bags and designers on YouTube. I had found what I was meant to do.” 

Designers like Rebecca Minkoff, Heron Preston, and Virgil Abloh helped Noel keep going when he faced discouragement. “Each one told me basically the same thing: to suck it up when I felt like quitting. I took it as a sign that I needed to just gut it out and keep going.”

Noel gritted his way through some tough days and finally arrived at the proud moment when he started his company, HEMINCUFF. He’s committed to its mission: to empower creative, adventurous professionals who aim high, focus on achieving the unachievable, and look elegant while doing it. “Our clients are at the top of their professions, either in the business or the creative world. One thing they really like about HEMINCUFF is that the work I produce is meticulous. Nothing that I make is rushed. I am setting the tone for the vegan luxe market and have plans to elevate it even more.”

Noel is passionate about HEMINCUFF’s focus on vegan products. “I saw videos of major luxury brands harming animals so that they could use their skins for their products. This is intolerable. I want HEMINCUFF to lead by example and create luxury products without harming any animals. We also help nature by putting greenery in the background of every production shot and by donating to onetreeplanted.org with every bag we sell.”

Noel has a clear vision for HEMINCUFF. “Picture this: HEMINCUFF’s entire line will be made-to-order. That’s cool enough as it is, but what really will take this over the top is that every client will receive a video of their bag being made. What that means is that everyone will have a luxury experience on my website. I’m also in the process of expanding and am interviewing craftsmen to be on my team.” 

Noel’s vision for HEMINCUFF’s future is exciting. “Do you remember seeing pictures of people who traveled via ocean liners back in the 1800s? They had those big trunks that carried everything they would need for a world voyage. I love those things, and I am determined to release the world’s first luxury vegan trunk. Cool, right? I’m going to call it the Paris Presidential Trunk.”

And just like that, Noel turns from being an in-demand designer to being the guy who watched his father sew accessories in their basement when he was a kid. “I think that’s what keeps me humble,” he says. “I know I’m not here because of my own talent. It’s all really because of my dad. He’s the real reason HEMINCUFF is a success. That’s why I plan to put a photo of him in every trunk I sell. It’ll be fun for my clients to see that, but really, it’ll honor my dad and remind me of how all of this started.”