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Katch Media: Creating Relationships between Businesses and their Customers


At Katch Media Group, a Toronto based creative and digital agency, every employee knows that success is measured by the quality of the relationships created between a business and its customers. That’s because Yan Katcharovski and Muhammed Ahmed, Katch Media’s co-founders, put those relationships ahead of dollars, and the result is a new way of doing marketing, one that focuses on telling stories and having empathy. 
“Telling a story and forming a relationship between a business and its customers is crucial,” Yan explains. “For Katch Marketing, empathy is how we make that happen.”

For those of us used to feeling hunted by companies, especially during the holiday season, “empathy” might seem like a strange word to use, but Yan good-naturedly insists that it works. “Yes, of course we want to make money. But even though that’s true, it’s not our motivation. Instead, we are motivated by a desire to help our clients accomplish their goals and create long-lasting relationships with their own customers.””

Yan has seen the results of such an approach. “The number one complain customers have about businesses is the nonstop marketing they receive from them. No one wants an annoyed customer. By focusing on what our clients need, we create a meaningful story that the client then communicates to the world. This builds a relationship between the client and their customers, and this translates into long-term profits and stability. It’s a win for everyone.”

All of this is accomplished through a mix of digital marketing, including social media, SEO, lead generation campaigns, content production, website and design, and public relations. It’s a combination that has led to success for the company.

Yan and Muhammed have a long history together. Before Katch Media there was Procally Inc., Yan and Muhammed’s first joint startup. Procally was a tech SaaS which received a valuation of $7 million. From here, Yan and Muhammed went on to create Katch Media; since then, the company’s highlights have included launching a six-figure e-commerce product and building a seven-figure crypto-mining project in Quebec.

Yan believes you should never be complacent. What works now will not work always. “That’s why we have been so successful. Instead of sticking with what wasn’t working, we were willing to think differently. Profits must never be more important than humans, morals, and values. At Katch Media, we focus on what the customers really need has been a winning approach for the company.”

To deliver a story-based marketing campaign, one that is empathetic and authentic, the company focuses on these elements:

  • Casual rather than suit and tie appearance
  • Marketing reality: live videos and behind the scenes
  • More humans, more niche, and more unique personalities instead of “cookie cutter”
  • More content, less fluff. Katch Media believes consumers are getting increasingly proficient at identifying when they are being sold to, and nobody likes being sold to. Katch Media focuses on marketing that is informational and educational.

“On top of this, we’ve got awesome employees. When I come to work in the morning, I know I can trust my employees to get the job done right the first time.”

Like any entrepreneur, Yan never forgets about the future, knowing it must figure into all of the company’s plans. “I aspire to have a tight-knit tribe of business owners, high achievers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who share a common vision of humanizing the status quo. Personally, I’d like to do more public speaking and even try writing a book. Why not?”

What should entrepreneurs remember as they set out on their own journeys? “I fully believe that by linking the feeling of success to seeing improvement in how my business has developed, rather than judging the end result, we’re strong today. I recommend that an entrepreneur not be afraid to change business plans and pivot quickly. You must plan where you want to go but not be married to it. Being mentally flexible and able to shift on a moment’s notice will take you a long way.”

As for quitting when it gets tough, Yan believes, “You’d better decide now whether you’ll quit or not because I can promise you the thought will cross your mind. When it does, remember why you got into this in the first place: a higher cause. See the beauty of the world, especially how you are contributing to other people. That will get you through to the next good time that comes. And they will come, never fear.”

Ultimately, Yan is excited when he walks through Katch Media’s doors. “I make a difference every day. I help other people improve their lives. Who can ask for more than that?” 

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