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Anmol Dhalla is a Young Entrepreneur You Should Know About


Anmol Dhalla is a rare find. At just nineteen years old,  he is the founder and CEO of Genzup, a marketing and investment firm that targets its efforts to Gen Z, an area in which most businesses have struggled. Through simple and agile strategies, Genzup is able to develop a better way to connect with today’s youth and predict behaviors of the generation, which strengthens the ability of companies to market to them. 

“Through practical planning, intelligent campaigns, and using new models, we can help our clients target Gen Z,” Anmol states. Genzup works with its clients to better understand and cultivate relationships with Generation Z. As Anmol is a part of Gen Z himself, he offers a great deal of insight and wisdom that leads to promising results for his clientbase and for his company Genzup.

The road to Genzup has been an interesting one for Anmol. “I really got into the spirit of entrepreneurship in grade five,” he remembers. “I decided I wanted to be a web site developer, and I worked on my first site until my mom called me to dinner that evening.” Laughing, Anmol continues, “It was awful and a complete failure, but that is initially what led me to valuing what I learn from anything that doesn’t go quite according to plan.

“People have told me on numerous occasions that I should quit or do something else, but I couldn’t let that stop me! I really felt that I was on to something bigger,” Anmol states. He has had a few other business endeavors, including a successful clothing line that he sold after a few years and a web radio project. With each endeavor, he gained more knowledge to take to Genzup as CEO.

Anmol’s path to Genzup began in grade seven. In 2013, he created his own web design agency, known then as 1A4D Studios, and over time it evolved into Genzup. “It’s an organization of the future,” Anmol says. “The Gen Z generation is crucial to the success of businesses and organizations, yet so many people do not understand how they think or what they want. That is what makes my company so different from others: we get that generation and can connect our clients to them.”

Companies are taking notice of Genzup and are reaching out to the firm more and more. “We have already worked with tech giants, real estate sharks, universities, and governments.” Anmol states. “They value the unique service we provide and the results.”

Marketing is a big part of what Genzup does. “We focus on content marketing, branding, grassroots marketing, and data and analytics. That’s just a sample of what we do. Gen Z is intelligent, but, let’s admit it, has a somewhat short attention span because of the realities of the digital age. That’s why we show our clients how to create materials that can grab a viewer’s attention on social media. That’s becoming increasingly important because of how competitive online marketing is.”

Genzup also specializes in information technology, including web development, web hosting, digital commerce, customer relationship management, and content management systems. “Every good marketing plan will be backed up by a system that supports it and logs the campaign’s resulting data, so this part of what Genzup offers is extremely helpful,” Anmol believes.

One service that clients especially like is their ability to learn more about innovation and strategy. Genzup teaches how to conduct competitive analysis, position a company strategically, and research customers to gain more insights about them. “Anything a client needs to know or do in order to reach the younger generation more effectively, we can help them with.”

With the solutions, integrative technology, and targeted efforts that Genzup offers its clients, it will continue to rise to the top of the industry. Anmol sees the success it is becoming and believes that it will lead further. “Our clients have revolutionized their campaigns and retained a significant number of Gen Z customers with our help,” he says. “There is so much more in store for the future of Genzup and our clients.”

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