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Actor Chase Tang Believes Health Is Wealth


Meet Chase Tang, Taiwanese-Canadian actor, model and mental health advocate. Tang is getting noticed a lot for his muscled physique and the workouts he faithfully does each day to maintain it. Chase explains that maintaining his transformed look has not come without effort and commitment. He works out 10-14 times a week and has built his routine around doing cardio, intense stretching, and weight training.

His work has paid off. Through his workout routine, he has been able to shed 25 pounds. By diligently applying himself to doing sprints, pushups, pullups, and bodyweight exercises and to using resistance bands, he watched as that weight came off, revealing a body that is toned, sleek, and well-defined.

“I take special care to focus on each muscle of my body,” Chase explains. “I believe it’s important to exercise each one equally so that my body stays in balance. My exercise routine has yielded a body that is stronger, healthier, and more energized. And in Hollywood, I have used this to build a stronger brand for myself.”

To build arm muscle, Chase targets his biceps and triceps, doing arm curls, pushups, and other strength training exercises. By faithfully committing himself to this weekly routine, he has noticed significantly more definition in each muscle.

“I have definitely seen a difference in my appearance. With the muscle I now have, my body feels very different. I move differently, too. I have more confidence, and I am more conscious of how my body works.”

Chase has also targeted his back through doing planks each morning as well as other exercises. “The back is extremely important. It really helps with your posture, so by working to build both my lower and upper back, I feel like I walk taller than I used to. I like the results I have been seeing.”

A strong body, of course, needs a strong core, as Chase knows. Sit ups and other exercises that target the abdomen are a faithful part of Chase’s daily routine. “The core is everything. If you don’t have a powerful core, the rest of your body won’t be powerful, either. I’ve worked very hard to define the muscles in my stomach and abdomen, and I think this has been key to strengthening my body.”

Chase also makes sure to work on his legs by doing sprints and lifting weights. The power he feels in his quads and calves comes from his dedication to these exercises. “I never forget about my legs. I target them in particular so that I’ll have more energy. I’ve really seen a difference.”

The most crucial muscle, of course, is the heart, and Chase knows it. “Heart disease is the silent killer. I make sure I run each day so that my heart stays healthy.”

Chase is grateful for the transformation to the body. “I feel like a completely new man. I love how I feel now and am dedicated to maintaining the new me.”

Chase Tang


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